Home Site Lease

Home Site Lease Information

Please be advised: All home site lease applicants must attend the next Community Land Use Planning Committee to get their proposed site approved. This first step is to ensure the proposed site is in a location that utilities may be installed with little or no difficulty and the location itself is not in an area in which the Chapter is planning a project on.

The CLUPC Meetings are scheduled the first Thursday of each month, however, please contact the Chapter to confirm the date and time. Or check the website’s calendar for updates.

Thank you!

Baahaali Chapter receives Housing Discretionary Funds from the Navajo Nation on an annual basis. The Staff have created an assistance program to help community members living within the Community Service Area of Baahaali Chapter to get home site leases. There is a policy and cost sharing agreement that has been approved by the Chapter Community during a regularly-scheduled Chapter Meeting, and is included in this web page.

If you have any questions, or need help filling out the paper work, please contact the Baahaali Chapter. Guarena Adeky has been the contact person for Home Site Leasing, and will assist you in contacting Emery Chee, Land Board Member. You can email the baahaali@navajochapters.org to leave a message to be forwarded to Guarena Adeky if you have any questions.

Home Site Lease Assistance Documents

Home Site Lease Assistance Program Policy

This policy outlines home site lease and residential lease requirements as well as information on how the chapter provides assistance. There is a cost sharing fee of $276.50, which will pay for the fish & wildlife report, survey, and archeological survey. Any questions, contact Guarena. Thank you!

Home Site Lease Application

The file is in PDF format, so please download and complete. Make sure it is in BLACK INK and no white outs.

Eastern Agency 200-RL

This form needs to be printed out in triplicate and signed. Make sure your name matches your Certificate of Indian Blood, is in BLACK INK, and you do not need witness signatures unless you’ve signed by using your thumb print.

Home Site Lease Example

Here is an example of how to fill one out. I apologize for the handwriting, it may be unreadable in some areas.

For more information, you can contact the Eastern Navajo Land Department at (505) 786-2376. Or you can download a copy of the Home Site Lease Application here.