Recycling is free

We only accept the following items. Accetable recyclable items do not have to be bagged and closed. Staff will assist in determining what items are recyclable. Our facility may not accept all recyclable items so please check with our staff.



We accept #1 and #2 plastics. Common examples are water bottles, laundry detergent containers, and most household items. We do not accept plastic shopping bags like Wal-Mart bags or grocery/produce bags.



We accept Mixed Paper such as writing paper, newspaper, magazines, paper bags, and cereal boxes. Most cardboard is generally accepted. Cardboard must be clean and without food or grease stains.



We accept tin and aluminum cans such as soda cans, soup cans, vegatable cans, and canned meat cans. Tin and aluminum items must be rinsed and free of any grease or food particles.