Welcome to the Veterans Assistance Page

Here you will find information on what Veterans who are registered with Baahaali Chapter need to submit in order to requested for assistance through this program. Also included on this page is the application packet for the Eastern Agency Veterans Office. There are funds available for all Navajo Veterans who hold a CIB and have been honorably discharged from Eastern Agency.

There is new funding available for eligible Veterans

To be eligible, you must attend a Baahaali Veterans Meeting and request for the assistance. This will be recorded in the minutes and forwarded to the Administrative Assistant. Next, you will be given an application to complete and the packet will be put together for you and either the Chapter Manager or Administrative Assistant will hand carry your packet to Crownpoint for you.

If you have any questions, contact Baahaali Chapter at (505) 778-5788 or via email at

Veterans Documents

Baahaali Chapter Veterans Assistance Policy

This policy is a work in progress and reflects the types of funding available by te allocations given by the Navajo Nation.

Veterans Office - Eastern Navajo Agency Application

This application packet is for registering and applying for assistance from the Crownpoint Office. If you have any questions, contact their office or ours. If you are unable to take the documents and packet to Crownpoint, we can do it for you.