Waste Collection Rates


We only accept cash or money order made out to Baahaali Chapter. Trash must be contained in a bag and closed. Trash bags include all sizes from shopping bags to 50 gallon trash bags. A truck load of trash is limited to 15 bags. Prices are subject to change and Navajo Nation Sales Tax.

  • Single bag of trash – $3.15
  • Single Truck Load (Limit 15 bags) – $6.30


Coupons are available for purchase at Baahaali Chichiltah Regional Waste Collection site, Baahaali Chapter, and Chichiltah Chapter. Coupons must be purchased with cash or money order. Credit cards accepted at Baahaali Chapter only. Coupons valid for 5 truck loads.

  • 5 truck load coupon – $21.00